Remodeling is a great way to update your home to the new styles of today. Whether it is making simple home improvements, adding an extra room to your house, or updating existing rooms, a remodeling project can provide you with that new look you are dreaming of.

When it comes to home improvement and remodeling projects, many homeowners become overwhelmed. There are many decisions to be made even in the early planning stages. Working with Farrow Construction Corp will ease your stress and make the project a more enjoyable experience.


A guest suite, billiard room, home theater or wine cellar all make great additions to an existing home. We can work with you to incorporate any or all of these into your home, with every detail tailored to your specifications and budget.


Home Improvements such as; repainting, wood rot repairs, adjusting doors and windows, fixing a leak, new closet shelving, new floors, gutters, shutters, re-paving, insulation, new light fixtures, pavers for a new driveway or walkway, wall units/ built ins, mouldings, new counter top / cabinets, shower enclosures, mirrors, and many other items, can keep your home looking beautiful and maintained. At Farrow Construction Corp we do it all!